Blue Blocker Back to School

With all the back-to-school craze coming to an end, it’s time to focus on yourself and do something that makes your day a little bit easier. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent this time of year is difficult! Don’t let eye strain put another damper on your day! 

Back to School

It’s the beginning of October now, which means all of the back-to-school chaos has died down a little bit, the routine now becoming the new normal! Lots of kids this year are still found online learning as we’re still dealing with the effects of COVID-19. This means that many teachers are also doing online learning, which is no small feat so all teachers deserve a little extra appreciation and some badass reading glasses! When you have to look at your computer all day it can be quite draining for your eyes, so if you need readers, or if you just want blue-light-blocking glasses get yourself or a teacher you love a pair of OldAzzEyes Readers

Blue Blocker Lenses

All of our badass frames come with blue light blocking lenses in them, so protect your eyes from harmful blue light! It’s just another perk to purchasing your new favorite pair of readers from! Along with different powers of readers, you could also purchase a pair of OldAzzEyes with no power in them to just wear as blue light blocking glasses when you’re in front of the screen! 

Benefits of Blue Light Lenses

The blue light coming from your devices like your TV, computer, or tablet can be harmful to your eyes both in the short run, and long run. In the short run, blue light can cause headaches, eye fatigue, and temporary loss of focus in your vision. However, the long-term effects can be quite damaging, causing early eye aging. So all of our readers come with your vision correcting reading power of choice, and blue light blocking lenses!