Crystal clear! A look into our clear frames

One of the new style crazes going through the eyewear world right now is clear frames, that’s right frames that are totally see-through. We love taking new style trends in stride so we have a few different clear frames for you to choose from. Of course, all of our styles come with reader lenses, all you have to do is choose which power is the right one for you. If you’re not sure what color will definitely go with every single outfit and situation, then try it a clear frame, because no matter what it’ll match!

A Look into Our Clear Frames

The first clear frame on the agenda today is Booteyelicious which is a large oversized acetate frame. It gives that classic “nerdy” look with some modern twists, being the cool clear coloring and also the large size of it. Booteyelicious is a frame that will complement just about anyone, try it out today! Next, we have Karl which is a bit more unique with a petite round shape that gives you a really old-timey look. Karl also sparks a bit more interest in the temples, now while the frame front is clear, the temples of the frame are a brown tortoiseshell color. If you’re looking for a classic, timeless frame in a clear color then Eyes Cream is the frame for you. The frame has a rounded square shape when paired with the clear color, enhancing your natural features. Evan, is quite similar to Eyes Cream, except it is a bit smaller, and it isn’t quite as rounded. 

Clear-Ish Frames

We also have a couple of frames that are almost clear but have a hint of grey in them. The first of this variety is Mark, coming in two different transparent shades, one being transparent grey. Mark is a modern masculine frame with thin sharp lines this color makes it a great choice for anyone! The second clear adjacent frame is Double Deez which is the same transparent grey color as Mark, but with a much different style. Double Deez is an acetate frame in an aviator style, which you don’t see in acetate too often anymore. It also comes in two other colors, black and pale yellow, but those aren’t the focus of today. 

Most of the frames we’ve gone over today were also featured in our blog about colorful frames, these are just their clear counterparts for those looking for a stand-out frame in a subtle color. We don’t see clear frames going out of style anytime soon! So go order your new favorite pair of readers for any occasion and any outfit!