Got Tired Eyes?

Do your eyes get tired often? Maybe you experience difficulty focusing, your eyes getting irritated easily, sensitivity to light, things like that. If that sounds like you, you might be experiencing Eye Fatigue also known as Eye Strain. No need to worry, it's a very common condition, and there are ways to try and prevent it. 

What is Eye Fatigue?

You can strain and fatigue just about every part of your body, and your eyes are no different. Eye fatigue happens when you use your eyes more intensely than usual, for example when it’s very bright outside or when you’re staring at a digital screen for too long. This is becoming more and more common as our world gets more digital, looking between screens more and more strains the eyes and can cause eye strain and unwanted aging in the eye. 

What causes Eye Fatigue?

Eye fatigue can be caused by computer and phone screens, bright light, reading extensively, not wearing your glasses, and even driving. These common everyday activities can wear out your eyes if you don’t give them a break. People blink less when looking at digital devices, and if you blink less your eyes tend to dry out or get irritated. Taking care of your eyes is one of the most important things you can do to take care of yourself. If you spend a lot of time in low light and it strains your eyes, that can cause an awful lot of eye fatigue. 

How to prevent Eye Fatigue

There is a lot you can do to prevent feeling the effects of eye fatigue, one of them is wearing glasses when you need them. All of our readers come with built-in blue light protection. If you don’t already know, blue light can be very harmful to your eyes causing things like eye fatigue, premature aging, and headaches. Having that protection already included in your readers from OldAzzEyes makes it easy and simple to keep eye health at the forefront of your mind! When it comes to looking at digital screens, blinking more, holding your screen further away from your eyes, and even cleaning smudges off screens can help your eyes adjust to looking at your screen. Taking breaks, and making sure the lighting you’re in doesn’t hurt your eyes are probably the most important steps to remember to keep your eyes feeling well!