How long can I wear my glasses? How to make sure you continue to get the most from your OldAzz Eyes.

How long do your OldAzz Eyes Readers last?

It depends on a number of things. Are you rough on things? Do you take care of your stuff? Do you lose your readers often? Are you clumsy and knock them around? If you're the type of person that struggles to keep track of your reading glasses, it may be a good idea to order a few pairs so that when one inevitably goes missing, you have a backup pair nearby.

If you don't lose your reading glasses often and do take care of them then you can definitely expect them to last! The lenses are the most fragile part, they can get scratched or chipped if you’re not careful. If they look scratched up or warped though, get yourself some new ones! That's one of the many reasons we keep OldAzz Eyes affordable and stylish! Your eyesight is important and no one wants to deal with headaches due to poor vision correction! Don't wait until it's too late!

Can my OldAzz Eyes readers get worn out?

If you take good care of your reading glasses, they can last for many years. That said, if you're rough with them and leave them exposed to extreme conditions, they won't stay in great shape. If you feel like your frames are starting to get worn, then they probably are. There are some signs that you can look out for when considering whether or not it's time to replace your OldAzz Eyes readers:

  • The material is flaking away
  • There is an obvious separation between the lens and the lens and the frame
  • The nose pads are detached from their joints
  • The screws in the hinges come loose frequently

This kind of deterioration happens very often and isn't a sign of poor upkeep but is just a sign of general use. Over time, you should be able to tell if your lenses or frames have begun to weaken by how long it takes for them to show wear or by how easily they become damaged when handled roughly. The most common way that people wear out their reading glasses is simply by falling asleep in them—this causes pressure points on the bridge of your nose which can bend the frame over time until it gives way entirely. You may also see damage on areas where there hasn't been any strain placed (like around where a piece connects).

How to make sure you always get the most from your reading glasses

As well as going to the optometrist regularly and having your eyes checked annually, there are many things you can do to make sure your OldAzz Eyes reading glasses last for as long as possible. The following guide will help you make sure you always get the most from your reading glasses:

  • Keep a spare pair of readers. Given the style and affordability of our readers, there really is no excuse not to keep spare pairs around your house, in your car, and in your desk at work. This way, if something happens to one of your pairs, or if they go missing, you've always got a backup.
  • Use your case: All of our OldAzz Eyes readers come with a soft case sleeve that protects your readers when you’re not wearing them!
  • Clean your readers regularly. This doesn't need much explaining – dirty lenses mean that less light gets through them which means that more strain goes on your eyes when trying to read or see objects clearly at different distances. If you’re having trouble finding quality lens cleaning supplies we suggest checking out Luxe Performance! They have premium quality lens spray, iGel cleaner, and microfiber cleaning cloths you can use to clean your lenses.

Take care of your reading glasses and they'll take care of you!

Of course, you can’t just wear your readers and then forget about them. You need to take care of them! As with all things, if you don’t take care of your OldAzz Eyes readers, they’re going to stop performing as well as they could. In fact, they may end up needing to be replaced sooner than they need to be. Don’t let that happen! We want your new badazz reading glasses to serve you for a long time. So let's go over some tips on how best to treat your readers.

The first thing we recommend is being gentle with them. When it comes time to put on or take off your readers, hold the frame—don't grab the temples (the arms that go behind your ears). This makes sense when you think about it: The frame will have less give than the temples, so by holding onto them rather than the temples, you'll prevent the frames from getting bent out of shape or otherwise damaged during this daily routine of putting on and taking off your readers. Taking your readers off with two hands, by the frame instead of the temples will also help prevent premature wear in the screws. We’ll leave you with this when you’re done wearing your badazz OldAzz Eyes readers put give them a good old clean with the proper cleaning materials (not that one t-shirt you've been wearing since high school) and put them in their soft case to keep them safe until the next time you wear them!