How to: Reading Glasses

Reading glasses! We all eventually need them if we don’t already. So knowing what readers are, and how to pick the right ones is something we should probably know! There are different types of reading glasses, and choosing the best ones for you can be frustrating and confusing, and we want to clove that problem. 

What are Reading Glasses?

Think of reading glasses like over-the-counter glasses, they’re a little different from prescription glasses. These are perfect for people who don’t need traditional glasses but need a little help reading or seeing things a little better. Reading glasses have one reading power throughout the whole lens, and that reading power (+1.25, +2.50, +3.00, etc.) is the same in both lenses. Reading glasses can be very helpful, and many people don’t realize they need them, those are the same people who hold their phones a mile away from their faces when scrolling through Facebook.

When should you get reading glasses?

Many people notice they start to need reading glasses when they get into their 40s, but everybody’s different, and some people might need them a little earlier, and some people live in denial until they’re in their 60s. Reading glasses compensate for the natural aging your eyes go through, as you get older, your vision tends to get weaker, or your eyes get tired faster, so readers give your eyes a little help seeing up close, and focusing on things,

How do I pick the right readers?

The most accurate way to know what your reader's prescription is is to ask your eye doctor, however, not everyone had access to an eye doctor. If you can't ask your eye doctor, go to a drugstore that sells readers, and try on one of each power while reading something from your phone or a paper, the one that gives you the best vision, is most likely the right power for you! We offer a range of different reading powers, so you’ll find the right one for you! The reading powers we offer are as follows; +0.00, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.50, +3.00. These powers are available in all of our frames, making it easier for you to find the right pair!

Can readers be stylish?

Of course, readers can be stylish! That's why we’re here trying to change the game and give you something trendy! Gone are the times of your Grandpa’s clunky obvious-looking readers, we have many different styles so you can find the right one for you! With our new Men’s collection, along with our classic Women’s styles, there’s something for everyone. We have classic timeless styles like the Hilversum, and Lemtosh, or something a little more modern like the Judy or the Karl.

Readers are for everyone, over time we all need a little bit of help seeing well, if you have to wear them, you might as well get some that serve that function, as well as being stylish and trendy!