New Styles: Our take on Classic Modern Styles

When you think of reading glasses, do you imagine the black plastic, dorky glasses sold in a vending machine? Think again! OldAzz Eyes puts a modern twist on classic styles. These aren't just for reading — they're stylish enough to wear every day, from day to night. But that's not all they're good for! Familiar fashions of frames with some fresh takes on them! Anything to keep those OldAzz Eyes looking and feeling new! 


For that classic teardrop aviator frame but with fun, new colors and a super light and thin frame Eye-Appeal is definitely the reader for you! Coming in a nice dark Tortoise and a deep but vibrant Red Eye-Appeal is the classic aviator you know and love with a dusting of modern charm.


Trying to make an Eye-Conic statement? This is the frame for you! Eye-Conic is a rounded hexagonal frame coming in three eye-catching colors. Classic Black, deep Blue, and a lovely Purple. Try out Eye-Conic if you want to make a statement with your OldAzz Eyes!


Feeling inspired by large rounded square frames? Well, Eye-Spire is the frame for you coming in two colors, Black and Purple. Eye-Spire is that familiar shape that flatters so many but with a much thinner frame than normal making them super light on the face!


If you love the perfect circle round frame look then Modern-Eyez is definitely the reader for you! With that perfect circle frame front and high nosepiece for a more updated feel. Modern-Eyez comes in one color, a beautiful royal blue sure to turn heads. 


If you love aviators and geometric feeling frames then take a look at Vintage-Eyez! A large square-shaped aviator that is the perfect mix of a classic style with a modern twist. Vintage-Eyez comes in two colors, a dark Red and a beautiful moss Green. 

These readers are the best of both worlds. Not only are they comfortable, stylish, and affordable, but they also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays while you read, work or watch TV. OldAzz Eyes is committed to satisfied customers, which is why we’re always working on new readers we know you’ll love! We don't blame you for wanting to rock these new styles. They're cool, they complement just about every type of face, and they're built to last. And if you want to look even more stylish, you should probably start wearing bald caps.