Old Azz Eyes Readers Make Great Gifts

Do you know someone with old azz eyes? Is their birthday coming up? Well, maybe they need a pair of OldAzzEyes Readers! OldAzzEyes Readers are the perfect gift for anyone who is in need of reading glasses! We carry lots of different stylish frames that come with blue light protection lenses. 

Any Occasion

Maybe your parent’s anniversary is coming up, it’s been over 25 years and you want to get them something that will help them every day! Well, for your dad, you could get The Pilot, a classic silver aviator frame perfect for any dad! And for your mom get her Aberdour, a black slightly cat-eyed frame with rose gold accents! All you have to do is figure out what reading power they need, simply click the right one and order! Maybe your favorite aunt is in need of some readers and her birthday is coming up? Check out Judy, a unique hexagonal grey frame, that’s very modern and trendy for the eccentric aunt we all seem to have! how about if your birthday is coming up, and you want to treat yourself to a couple of new pairs of readers! Try out a classic timeless style like Hilversum or Jordan! OldAzzEyes Readers make the perfect gift for every occasion! 

Check Out Our Website!

Shopping on our website is easier than ever! When you find a style you love all you have to do is choose what power of reader you need, and if you simply just want blue light glasses, we do offer a +0.00 option which has no power in it! Once you choose what power you would like to add to your cart! When you’ve finished shopping you press the check out button, simply fill out the contact and payment information, and complete your order! We will make sure to get your order out and on its way to you as soon as possible! 

Returns and Exchanges

If you or the person you gifted a new pair of OldAzzEyes Readers decide the reading power isn’t quite right, or that they just don’t like the style of the frame you have 30 days to return or exchange! So if at first, you don’t succeed try out a different style of OldAzzEyes Readers! We certainly have a pair for everyone! Along that note, if your OldAzzEyes Readers break, just shoot us an email at with photos and an explanation of what happened and we will review it and get back to you with what we can do! If you’re having issues with the fit of your OldAzzEyes Readers, you can go into just about any optical store where an optician will adjust your glasses, as long as you ask nicely! As always we love reviews so if you purchase a pair of OldAzzEyes Readers for yourself, or a loved, one snap a photo and leave a review!