Pops of Color Just In Time for Summer

Although we all love and appreciate a classic tortoise, or black colored frame, maybe even a nice and timeless metal frame. However there are many people out there who love to express themselves through colorful eyewear, and if that’s you, we have it covered! We have quite the selection of colorful frames, in many different styles so you’re bound to find the frame for you!

Something Blue?

The color we have the most of is probably blue, to be specific we have about seven different frames that are blue! The first is one of our newer styles Blissful which is a clear blue frame, with a modern geometric type shape to it, it’s definitely unique! Next is something a little different, our Blue Jeans frame is a classic rectangular shape with a twist, you can actually feel the texture of the blue fabric on the frame! W-Eyes (pronounced wise) an employee favorite sports a two-tone look with blue through the temples and the top of the frame front, with a light tortoise towards the bottom of the frame front. If you’re wanting something that’s a little different from your usual blue try out Eyes Cream, we sell this in two different colors one being a clear teal color, with a black and teal tortoise pattern on the temples. Maybe you’re feeling BootEyeLicious which is a little more subtle than the name suggests, it comes in four different colors including one that has a blue on the frame front and grey on the temples for a nice toned-down look. There’s always the Mark frame, with its model shape we have this frame in a clear blue color for those looking to add a pop to their everyday! And last but certainly not least we have one of our original released Classy Plaid which is a fun oval shape with a blue textured plaid design on the frame front, and clear blue temples for a fun classy look! 

Maybe Warmer Tones are for You!

Blue isn’t for everyone! We get that, so that’s why we also have a few warmer-colored options as well! Double Deez comes in three colors, and one of them is a fun yellow, paired with the aviator shape of the frame the yellow really makes a statement. Our Blissful frame also comes in a couple of warmer colors, one being a transparent tan, and the other a clear pink color! W-Eyes come in two more colors as well, one being a tortoise fade and the other a modern red to clean fade that is sure to get some looks! Finally, our BootyEyeLicious frame comes in a transparent peach color that is the perfect way to brighten up your look for summer! 

We Have lots of Color Options!

Now those are all of our frames that are bright colors, however, we also have plenty of different tortoises, clear, black, and a couple of metal frames as well! Take a look at everything we offer, there is something in our inventory for everyone! We are also always thinking of more new frames to release, so keep an eye out for new products!