Proper Cleaning and Care of Your Readers

So you get readers, what now? For many people, when they have to get readers, it’s their first time wearing glasses, and when you’re a first-time glasses wearer you might not know exactly how to properly clean and care for your glasses. Glasses are by no means difficult to care for, but there are a lot of don’ts when it comes to glasses. 

Possible damage to your readers

There are many things that can scratch glasses lenses so storing glasses properly is very important. If you clean your lenses with your t-shirt, paper towel, or just some random cloth there could be debris on that cloth that can scratch the anti-reflective treatment glasses. When you take your readers off and set them down make sure the lenses are facing up. If you put your glasses lenses down on a tabletop they will get scratched, duh. 

Protective sleeve

When you get your new OldAzzEyes readers they will come in a protective sleeve with our brand logo and a sticker showing what power your reader lenses are. This slim sleeve isn’t bulky so you can bring your readers with you everywhere without them taking up much space in your bag or pockets. The best way to keep your glasses free from harm when you take them off is to put them back in their protective sleeve, and set them down. If you take anything from this it should be to put your glasses back in their sleeve. 

Cleaning your readers

Now, everybody’s glasses get smudges it’s just life it happens. When your readers get dirty don’t just wipe them off with your t-shirt, or paper towel. When you wipe your glasses off with your t-shirt it just makes the smudges worse, and you could have debris on your shirt that can cause scratches on your lenses, and we don’t want that! The best thing to use to clean your glasses would be a glasses lens cleaner paired with a microfiber cloth because it is dust and debris-resistant. We recommend a brand called Luxe Performance they carry a few different microfiber cloths, and two different types of lens cleaner spray, one called iGel, and another that is a standard cleaning spray.