Reasons Why You should Carry an Extra Pair of Glasses: How to make sure you have a backup pair in your bag.

Life is full of the unexpected, and having a backup pair of OldAzz Eyes readers can make the difference between being unprepared for the day and making your day more convenient and comfortable.

You're only human, and you can't predict what will happen tomorrow or next week, but you can take steps to be prepared for anything. You don't want to be caught without your reading glasses if something goes wrong with them! Your readers are a part of your life—a big part, given the fact that you need them to read—and it's important to have a backup pair in case something happens to your primary pair. Don't be caught flat-footed; be ready for anything.

Reading glasses are an important part of your everyday life and losing them is never a good day.

  • You need them to see, duh.
  • You can't watch TV without them.
  • You can't read without them (or you could use a magnifying glass).
  • It's difficult to find a quality replacement when you lose your readers on the road. (Good luck randomly finding an optometrist at 10 pm.)
  • They can be difficult to replace if they're broken or lost while traveling.

Even with an eyeglass case and lanyard, they become easy to misplace when you are at work or traveling

While an eyeglass case, lanyard, or glasses strap are great ways to keep your readers in or on you, they aren’t foolproof. There are many ways you can lose your readers at work, with the two most common culprits being leaving them somewhere after taking them off to read something close up or placing them on top of your computer monitor while working at your desk, then accidentally knocking them onto the floor. Traveling with just one pair of readers increases the chance that you will misplace them in an airport security line or when getting in and out of the car on a road trip.

If you wear readers outside, then there is yet another reason why having extra pairs is important: weather. If it starts raining hard or snowing unexpectedly while outdoors and you need to shield your eyes from it so you can see better (and avoid eye irritation), there is always the potential of losing track of where your readers went when putting down what was in your hands because it was too difficult seeing through raindrops or snowflakes stinging at your eyes.

You can save yourself from headaches in the future by purchasing another pair of reading glasses

OldAzz Eyes readers are awesome! They help you see, and they help you look super smart and badazz. How about carrying an extra pair of OldAzz Eyes in your purse or work bag? Would that be so bad? We think not. If anything, it would make your life easier in the long run if you did have a backup pair of readers.

We’re sure there are people who think "why would I ever need two pairs of readers?" The reason why is you can save yourself from headaches in the future by purchasing another pair of reading glasses. You'll save money by not having to purchase a new pair if anything should happen to your first one (trust us, it will). You'll save time by not having to shop for a new pair when your first one becomes cracked or damaged. You'll also save time by not having to wait for a new pair to ship (and paying any shipping costs out of your own pocket).

Save time when you have to run errands because you will have to go home to get them

“I need to go home and get my readers, I can’t see a thing!”

How many times have you said this at work? If you have a spare pair of reading glasses with you, then you wouldn't ever have to say it. It will save time and prevent stress if necessary. Even though time is a valuable commodity, taking just 20 minutes to run back home during your lunch break would not sound like a big deal. However, that extra 20 minutes is better spent doing something else — especially when it involves staring at the bright screen of your laptop.

Always feel confident that you can see clearly no matter where you are going.

You may be rolling your eyes at this title, thinking, "Come on! Who wears readers and doesn't carry a backup pair with them?" We're going to put it out there and say that we think almost everyone should have a spare pair of readers on hand. Why? Because not having them when you need them is one of the worst feelings in the world.

Picturing your life without the ability to see? Shuddering in horror? Don't worry about it! Let's just say that an extra pair allows you to enjoy the day no matter where you are headed or what you are doing. No more frantic dashes home or calls to friends asking if they can pick up your reading glasses while they're out running errands. With our tips, you'll have a backup pair at all times, so that no matter what happens during your day, you will be able to enjoy it with confidence knowing that your vision is clear!

It will save you the headache of finding them after they have fallen under the seat in your car or at home

Picture this, you cannot find your reading glasses. You remember that you took them off so that you could rub your tired eyes and then fell asleep with them on the pillow next to you. Now they are nowhere to be found.

You have looked everywhere. Your bedroom, the kitchen, even under the bed where they sometimes escape to when they fall off your face while reading before falling asleep. You have checked in the bathroom and the living room, but still, no luck finding them. They are nowhere to be found in the house.

Where else can they be?

Oh, wait! It occurs to you that maybe they are in your car because you remember wearing them on Saturday night when going out with friends, and having taken them off while driving home!

And there they were! Underneath the seat of your car…just like always…because it is such a pain to look for them everywhere else in your house!

You will never find yourself without them again.

Here's the deal: you should always have a backup pair. This way, you’ll never be fretting about forgetting them at home or losing them somewhere between your house and office. If you break one pair, snap an extra temple on another, or just want to keep a different prescription on hand for various activities, an extra pair means you’re covered. It also means that if you lose or break your readers while traveling and need an immediate replacement while waiting for a new shipment of OldAzz Eyes reading glasses ordered online, you can make it through comfortably using the second pair from your travel kit until the new ones arrive.

When purchasing readers, consider that having two pairs can make their lives easier, whether they are working or on vacation

Whether you’re working on a project and need to be able to view it up close or you’re trying to read the menu of your favorite restaurant without squinting, having an extra pair of reading glasses can make the difference between being unprepared for the day and making your day more convenient and comfortable.

Perhaps you come home from work and place your readers on a cabinet only to find that they are missing after dinner when you want to read. Maybe you are traveling out of town for a vacation and notice that there is no way that your bag is going to close unless you remove one thing (and let’s face it, these days we all have way too much stuff in our bags).

Whatever the reason, purchasing a second pair is an investment that you should take into consideration. Readers are an important part of your everyday life and losing them is never a good day, that's why we’re committed to keeping OldAzz Eyes affordable, badazz, and stylish!