Some Signs it's the Right Time to Look Into Readers

We can’t help aging, nobody can, but we can help you spot the signs of aging eyes indicating it might be time to get some readers. Our eyes age just like the rest of us, and there are certain symptoms of eye aging that can be treated with reading glasses. To be sure of what power of reading glasses you need, you should go to your eye doctor so they can test you and make sure you get the correct power for your OldAzzEyes

Light and Glare Sensitivity

Difficulty seeing in very bright, or very low light is a common symptom of eye aging. As well as sensitivity to glare which can make it exceedingly difficult to be on technology, and enjoy your time outside. To help with glare outside you might consider picking up some polarized sunglasses, the polarization cuts down glare outside, making it easier to see. Our readers come with a blue light treatment on them which helps reduce glare from devices with screens like your phone, tablet, or computer.

Dry Eyes

As you age, you produce fewer tears resulting in a condition called Dry Eye, it is extremely common and has lots of different treatments. Eye drops are a very common treatment, but if you are experiencing dry eye you should consult your doctor to find the best thing for you. 

Troubles Reading

If you’re having trouble reading small text, or you never feel like you can quite get enough light to be able to read, that's a big sign that it is time to get some reading glasses. As you age you need more and more light to be able to read, someone who is 60 needs at least three times more light than someone who is 20. Aging is a natural process, and these symptoms only get worse as you get older, so getting reading glasses sooner rather than later is your best bet. 

Tired Eyes and Headaches

If being on your phone, tablet or computer wears out your eyes, and you need a break afterward you probably have tired eyes. Trouble focusing is a common symptom of eye aging, the muscles in your eyes get weaker as you get older which makes focusing on things a larger task. If you start getting more and more headaches because of your eyes, it’s because you’re straining your eyes trying to focus, which is why having the right power of reading glasses handy is a good idea. 

Aging is inevitable, so you might as well make it easier for your OldAzzEyes to roll with the punches. Reading glasses don’t make you look old! And with all of our fun and modern styles, they will enhance your style instead of putting a damper on it! So quit putting it off and buy yourself a pair of readers today!